White Paper


Imperial Pride

Play to Earn

Definition of the game

Imperial Pride is a metaverse game in which the players can earn money by living in different social classes, trade, invest and battle. They will have an income by becoming Emperor, King, Mayor or a Citizen. All players in their own roles can gain money to a maximum rate. The income will be paid to the players using cryptocurrency and the earned cryptocurrency can be cashed out easily. Each role in the game can be improved to a perfected stage. Each player can take over a role.

The story of the game

When King Marlon of Imperial Pride Island passed away, he left his throne to his six children. After many years of conflict, the crown of King Marlon was broken into pieces, each piece carrying a rare stone. The princes and princesses each took one piece for their own crown and started their own kingdoms. The island of Imperial Pride was divided into six empires, named after their kings and queens: Ari (lion), Corvin (raven), Tipu (tiger), Conan (wolf), Abitha (gazelle) and Goga (snake).

Who shall prove to be the strongest? Who will be the kindest? Which is the bravest and who is the fairest? Rule their kingdom. For glory. For honour. For pride. 

Roles of the game


The lowest rank in the game is the Citizen. They can farm while training limited number of soldiers for defending themselves or gaining money. A Citizen cannot attack a zone alone and needs to be united with other players. Each Citizen receives a monthly benefit from the Emperor which is calculated based on the empire’s Gold Mine and the Emperor’s decision. A Citizen can have an income by selling their product to the Empire Market or other players. The income can then be cashed out.


Each city homes 600 Citizens ruled by Mayor. Mayor has more benefits than a Citizen. They have a larger farm and so can produce more products. Mayor can train more soldiers than a Citizen. They receive a fixed payment from Emperor which is calculated based on the number of Citizens in their city. Aside from the monthly payments they can gain more from selling their products and training and sending soldiers.


Each king has 140 Mayors in their territory. The king is above Mayor and below the Emperor. The farms are bigger and so they bear more products working for the empire to stay in power. King is paid an income from the government based on the number of the active Mayors. King can attack other kingdoms. They can also vow Brotherhood with other kings for attacks or defences.


The highest level of the roles in the game belongs to Emperor. This game has 6 Emperors who are competing against each other. Each empire has 70 Kingdoms. These kings work for the empire to stay in power. Emperor can attack any player (based on circumstances). Emperor has the largest farms and so can produce the most products. These products are used for the empire or as merchandise. The vast Gold Mine that is in the land of Emperor can export up to 10 million dollars. This money can be divided between the people and Emperor, as Emperor wishes.

Properties of the game:


All players in the game work on increasing Pride of their empire. This Pride is a point calculated for prosperity and income of the six empires. In other words, more Pride means more income for the players and the empire. The increase in Pride results in more income and prosperity for each player


This game has its own specific Token. This Token is first sold privately and then publicly. This Token is used for all the trades in the game. Token can be cashed in the game and can be cashed out from exchange offices. This Token will be released as BEP20. At the beginning of the game the number of the Tokens shall be 210 billion. As the game proceeds, the amount that has been taken for tax will be  burned in the system. This will continue until reaching to 100 million.


The Arbiter in fact is the game admin and its producers. The Arbiter checks the activiry of the players and nothing will be hidden from them. Overseeing the game is for the safety of the players and is done to its best possible way to insure the players that the game is moving on as it must.

Areas in the game

The world of Imperial Pride consists of 6 empires, War Zone and Peace Zone. The 6 empires and their Kings, Mayors and Citizens live in metaverse.

War Zone

The War Zone is in fact the border between each empire where the players can challenge their enemies into war and after victory then can plunder their weapons and capture their soldiers to trade them with Tokens.

Peace Zone

The Peace Zone is an area surrounded by all the empires, sharing their border. In this area banks, casinos, crypto mines, civil service offices, insurance companies, Battlefield, Brotherhood Court and the Arbiter exist. The rules of the game are published to the players from this area.

Pension Service

Civil Service office in the game, can create a pension for a player based on the time they are online and their activity. Using this service, the player can ask for retirement, leave the game and receive pension for a defined amount of time.

Empire’s Gold Mine

In the field that is purchased by the Emperor, there is a Gold Mine. The player can explore it using suitable tools. This exploration can take a tile between one to nine months. After the exploration is complete, the emperor can pay benefit to their people fairly in order to increase the prosperity of his empire and the satisfaction of their people. Once the extraction from the Gold Mine is complete, the Emperor can destroy it and start exploring for a new one.

Bank and different types of accounts

There is interest on the invested Tokens in the banks. The players can deposit their Tokens in short-term or long-term account. From this, they can receive a fixed monthly interest rates. 

Banks also can provide loans to the players. Based on the player’s value of field and their transactions in the game, they might be eligible for a loan. This loan can be cashed out of the game or be used in the game as the player decides. After the Private Sale, there will be bank opening when the players can use the services of the game before the start of the game.

Lucky Casino

The Imperial Pride game also has an online casino. Each player can enjoy this casino for fun or more income. The games in the casino are one-player, two-player or group games and includes all the possible games in a casino.

Mining Crypto

The Crypto mine is in the Peace Zone. Each player can purchase a part of this mine and explore in in complete safety. The Cryptos that can be found in this mine include: LTC, BNB, TRX, ADA, BTC, XMR, XRP, … . all they cryptos can be found in the mine. The bigger the purchased part of the mine, the more will be the mining of the cryptos.


The Arbiter starts tournaments in the Battlefields for the players, regardless of the empire they belong to, can challenge one another. based on the type of the tournament, some awards will be given to the winner from the game. These wards can be point or cash.

Brotherhood Court:

In this court the players vow Brotherhood to one another to be united. By doing this, they reach a higher income and Pride in the game. They can share their soliders and properties to be stronger when facing the enemies.

Insurance Company

The players can use this office to save themselves when facing natural or unnatural disasters. In that case, there will be no danger for the player or, if there is any problems, the insurance office will cover the loss for the player.

Fields and farms

Fields and farms can be bought or sold based on the rules of the game. The players can sell their fields with the buildings inside them with the highest possible price directly, or use the auction which happens once every three months. The players can sell their jobs and  completed buildings to another player. In that case the buyer does not need to spend time on constructing buildings. Giving away the field as a gift, as long as it follows the rules of the game, is allowed.

Having income with the game

With daily work and production of necessities of the empire or trading tools, food, soldiers, etc, the player can create income. Below is some of the jobs in the game

Stone factory

Having this factory is one of the most important markets between empires, but don’t neglect selling stones to the people of the same empire! The most interesting thing is that everyone can have a stone factory.
Profit in profit is the result of the efforts of an exemplary farmer, that is, he never loses, he cultivates and harvests, and then the profit, the bigger the land, the more profit, and everyone can be a farmer! 
A job that is surprisingly profitable if you are on the right track! From selling to citizens to exporting to neighboring empires; Meanwhile, the emperor has opened a special account on fish, and the king and the mayor are also eaten by fish! 
Gold mine

It’s a hassle, it’s hard, but it’s worth it because it’s gold! Remember, you have to win the opinion of the emperor, if you try hard, the emperor will give gold to the citizens too!


The best way to make money and show how much curiosity and progress you have, why? Because whatever you do, only the emperor should like it! 

A job that is blessed even with owning a livestock, take care of a cow, sheep or goat, sell its milk, take care until its baby is born and become a good rancher; Just be careful, the emperor is sensitive to livestock products, and find out the king and the mayor too!


In this game everyone finds their role and live that role in a metaverse. Of course, by increasing the activity and resources, the income increases as well which can be used in the real life. No one in this game will lose anything. The creators of the game, the Arbiters, will put their maximum effort into making sure the player is having an easy and wealthy real life. The producers’ team is supporting the players to the very end, until their last day on the game.

It is simple and easy to live through Imperial Pride.

Live and enjoy…